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Combining the magic and inspiration of gaming with real world goal achievement to speed up and level up your business and personal lives!
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About Selina

Selina Belle is an author and certified life and business coach for gamers. She decided to marry 20 years of entrepreneurship and business coaching experience with her passion for having fun, playing video games, and creative writing. She's on a mission to bring the engaging power of gaming into the real world to support gamers in their businesses, careers, and personal lives. She believes we are all the designers of our futures and the heroes of our own Quests.

Having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to bring their business dreams to life, Selina has found a magical formula for achieving amazing results in business and life by tapping into your playful side. Be inspired by all you can achieve when you enter a world where anything is possible and you are suddenly capable of hero-level results!

Did you know, using a gamified goal achievement process increases your success rate by over 60%?


Adventurer’s Journal

The Adventurer’s Journal is the companion journal to the Tome of Adventure coming this fall!

Get started on your next quest now with this beautiful new journal by Selina Belle.

Enter a world where real-life goals magically become Quests, and you are the Adventurer who leads the way to victory.

You select the Quest.

You record the Journey.

And you gather the Real Life Rewards.

For use in business, in class, or to achieve personal accomplishments; This magical journal helps Adventurers succeed at even the biggest Quests...(ahem goals).


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Are you ready to step into the magic of your imagination, harness the power of your desires and achieve more than you ever believed possible?

Coaching sessions with Selina Belle will help you bring clarity to your big picture vision, and fill in the missing pieces so that what you’re creating happens faster than if you were doing it alone.

Take your big ideas out of your imagination and put them onto the page so you can take clear and concise action You will become more productive, have more fun and live a more fulfilled life.

Coaching Packages

1 Session

1 – One hour Coaching Call

3 Sessions

3 One Hour Coaching Calls

6 Sessions

6 One Hour Coaching Calls


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"Dreams and reality only refuse to meet when we stop believing they can.
Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and believe in your future. When you join us, you will achieve more than you ever believed possible and you will have a whole lot of fun getting there."

- Selina Belle

Coach, Author, & Lifestyle Creator for Gamers

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