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Welcome to the book shelf where you will find the magical world of questing!

Our newest release, The Adventurer’s Journal by Selina Belle.

Enter a world where real-life goals magically become Quests, and you are the Adventurer who leads the way to victory.

You select the Quest.

You record the Journey.

And you gather the Real Life Rewards.


For use in business, in class, or to achieve personal accomplishments; This magical journal helps Adventurers succeed at even the biggest Quests...(ahem goals).

Selina 2_edited.png

Selina Belle is a business and lifestyle coach for gamers who decided to marry 20 years of entrepreneurship and business coaching experience with her passion for having fun, playing video games, and creative writing. She's on a mission to bring the engaging power of gaming into the real world to support gamers in their businesses, careers and personal lives. She believes that we are all the designers of our own futures and the heroes of our own Quests.

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